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Dr. Rajesh Kumar

S.No.Publication in Vancouver referencing stylePubmed indexed Yes/NoScopes
1Kumar Rajesh, Surgery of Pressure Ulcers Improves General Health and Quality of Life in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury, Indian Medical Journal, June 2018(Annexure), Vol.112, No.05, 65(A)- 68(A) No  
2Kumar Rajesh, Prognostic Scoring Indicator in Evaluation of Clinical outcome in intestinal Perforations , Indian Medical Journal, June 2018(Annexure), Vol.112, No.06, 45(A)- 47(A) No  
3Kumar Rajesh, Predictive Factors of Mortality in Burn Patients, Indian Medical Journal, June 2018(Annexure), Vol.112, No.06, 120(A)- 122(A) No  
4Kumar Rajesh, Comparative Study on Mechanical Bowel Preparation verses No Mechanical Bowel Preparation in Elective Colorectal Surgery, Indian Medical Journal, May 2018(Annexure), Vol.112, No.05, 31(A)- 33(A) No  
5Kumar Rajesh, Incidental Gall Bladder Carcinoma in Patients undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy , Indian Medical Journal, May 2018(Annexure), Vol.112, No.05, 37(A)-39(A) No  
6Kumar Rajesh, To Observe the renal function of patient with BPH preoperatively and postoperatively for early detection and management of renal dysfunction to improve the prognosis, Patna Journal of Medicine : Vol(92), No.08, 429-432. No  
7Kumar Rajesh, A clinical and Biochemical study of patients with recent Moderate to moderately severe burn with special reference to their renal function, Patna Journal of Medicine : Vol(92), No.06, 320-323. No  

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Dr. Kanhaiya Jha

Dr. Kanhaiya Jha has published four research papers in various medical journals. Topics include oxidative stress in hypercholesterolemia patients, ventilator-associated pneumonia, malaria diagnosis methods, and post-operative wound infections. The journals indexed include European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, International Journal of Health and Clinical Research, and Indian Medical Journal.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Sr. NoFaculty NameIndexing System1Dr. Sanjay Kumar1. Title : “Comparative Analysis of Obesity Prevalence and Associated Factorsamong Urban and Rural Adult Populations: A Cross-Sectional Study"Name  of  journal :International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 2023; 15(7); 718-721Embase Index2. Title :“A Hospital-Based Assessment of the Prevalence and FactorsAssociated with...

Dr. Vijendra Nath Jha

The list includes various research publications by Faculty members, primarily Jha VN, covering topics such as psychiatric referrals from dermatology, neonatal coagulopathy post-COVID-19, genetic anticipation in bipolar disorder, complicated grief, Marfan syndrome with bipolar disorder, therapy-resistant dissociative convulsions, delusional infidelity with dhat syndrome, and manic episodes in elderly.

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