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Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital, located in Darbhanga, Bihar, is a renowned healthcare institution that offers a wide range of medical services to the local community. One vital service provided by the hospital is its Blood Bank, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of safe and sufficient blood for patients in need.

The Blood Bank at Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital operates under the supervision of trained and qualified medical professionals who adhere to strict protocols to maintain the quality and safety of donated blood. It follows the guidelines and standards set by regulatory authorities to ensure that the blood collected is free from any infections or diseases and is suitable for transfusion.

The primary objective of the Blood Bank is to meet the demand for blood and blood products for various medical treatments, surgeries, and emergencies. The blood collected is used to support patients with medical conditions such as anemia, thalassemia, hemophilia, cancer, and those undergoing major surgeries or trauma cases.

The Blood Bank at Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital encourages voluntary blood donations from eligible donors, including both replacement and non-replacement donations. Replacement donors are individuals who donate blood specifically for a particular patient, whereas non-replacement donors donate blood without any specific recipient in mind. The blood collected from non-replacement donors is used to build a stock of blood units to meet the hospital’s general requirements.

To ensure the safety of blood transfusions, the Blood Bank conducts thorough screening procedures for all donated blood. Donors undergo a series of tests to identify any infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and malaria. Only blood units that pass these tests and meet the necessary criteria are accepted and stored in the Blood Bank’s inventory.

The Blood Bank at Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital also provides components derived from blood, such as packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipitate. These components are used in specific medical conditions and treatments to address the individual needs of patients.