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Dr. Vijendra Nath Jha

Sl. No.Faculty NamePublication in Vancouver referencing styleIndexing System
1Jha VN, Kumar R.A descriptive study of clinical profile of psychiatric referrals from dermatology unit in a tertiary care hospital in north India. International journal of health and clinical research 2022; 5(1): 292-295DOAJ (Directory of open access journal)
2Roy S, Jha VN, Ranjan BA case series of coagulopathy in preterm or growth-restricted term neonates born to mothers with antenatal SARS-CoV-2 infection: Neonatal post-COVID-19 coagulopathy ? J family Med Prim care 2022;11:7483-7490DOAJ (Directory of open access journal)
3Jha VN, Singh PKAn observational study of genetic anticipation and genomic imprinting in Indian families with Bipolar affective disorder . International journal of Medical Research and pharmaceutical sciences 2017; 4(4):36-41 
4Kumar R, Jha VNComplicated grief and its pharmacological management. Journal of Indira Gandhi Institutes of Medical Sciences 2018 ;4(1) :15-20 
5Jha VN, Kumar M, Tarwani JCo-occurrence of Marfan syndrome and bipolar disorder:  A fifteen years follow up, Asian J Psychiatry 2016; 24: 91-92 
6Jha VN, Singh PK.Response to eperisone in patients of therapy-resistant dissociative convulsions: A report of two cases. Indian J Pharmacol 2017; 49: 121-123 
7Jha VN, Kumar M, Tarwani J.Delusional infidelity associated with dhat syndrome : A case report and literature review, Delhi psychiatry journal 2017; 20(2) 358-360 
8Jha VN, Singh P, Gupta SK, Angmo PFirst onset manic episode in an 85 year old Male: whether Primary or secondary Mania? Journal of the The Indian Academy of Geriatrics 2016; 12: 55-57 

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Dr. Kanhaiya Jha

Dr. Kanhaiya Jha has published four research papers in various medical journals. Topics include oxidative stress in hypercholesterolemia patients, ventilator-associated pneumonia, malaria diagnosis methods, and post-operative wound infections. The journals indexed include European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, International Journal of Health and Clinical Research, and Indian Medical Journal.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Sr. NoFaculty NameIndexing System1Dr. Sanjay Kumar1. Title : “Comparative Analysis of Obesity Prevalence and Associated Factorsamong Urban and Rural Adult Populations: A Cross-Sectional Study"Name  of  journal :International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 2023; 15(7); 718-721Embase Index2. Title :“A Hospital-Based Assessment of the Prevalence and FactorsAssociated with...

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