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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dr. Sumanta Kumar Kolay

S.No.Publication in vancouver referencing stylePubmed indexed yes/noScopes
1Kolay SK, Clinical and histopathological relations: An immunohistochemically analyzed ase series of carried clinical presentations. Journal of oral maxillofacial pathology 2018; 22: S108-11.   
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3Kolay SK, A study of supernumerary teeth in a population of Bihar. International Journal of Medical Research Professionals. 2019;5(1):224-28. No Index Copernicus Index Medicus 
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6Kolay SK, Prevalence of periodontitis among type 2 Diabetic patients in Northern India: An Original Research. World journal of pharmaceutical and medical research 2019;5(4):128-130.   No Index Copernicus 
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