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World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) – 2023 Conflict of Interest – Declaration

Conflict of Interest – Declaration

Darbhanga Medical College, Laheriasari, Darbhanga, Bihar

Tobacco use has an adverse impact on health. It is proclaimed as threat by the public
health community worldwide and is the greatest cause of preventable deaths globally.
Tobacco use in all forms negatively affects health, not only of its consumers and
their families, but all those who are involved in its supply chain right from cultivation
to people involved in its processing. It has a high addiction potential and millions of
individuals are affected by it.

Tobacco industry historically employs a multitude of tactics to shape and influence
tobacco control policies. The industry uses its lobbying and marketing machinery to
discredit scientific research and influence governments so as to propagate the sale
and distribution of its fatal product. Furthermore, the industry continues to inject
large philanthropic contributions into research and social programs worldwide under
the guise of corporate social responsibility.

We at Darbhanga Medical College, Laheriasarai, Bihar strive to oppose the
use of tobacco and other intoxicant substances in all forms and expose the
tobacco industry tactics. The institution does not partner with any entity directly or
indirectlyrelated to and /or engaged with the tobacco industry. We do not partner,
invest inor get invest by organizations with interests in the tobacco industry, or
those who further the agenda of tobacco companies. We do not and shall not
accept and / or endorse any direct or indirect support from the tobacco industry
neither in cash and nor in kind.

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